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How To Cheat At Blog Writing

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I promised that I’d write a blog after Saturday’s walk above the Mawddach Estuary and I intended taking lots of photos too but I didn’t.

The day started off bright and clear.  The walk across Barmouth Bridge from Morfa Mawddach was very pleasant, the warmest that we’ve started a walk in a long time.  We stopped to watch the seagulls sitting on little blobs of sand that were rapidly shrinking as the tide came in.  One sat on his island until the water reached him before flying off.  We also saw several oyster catchers searching for their breakfasts.

After the toll, yes, they were collecting money even though it was only 8.30am, we stopped again to look at the boats in the harbour.  Which one would be bought if the lottery numbers came up.

And then the hard work began.

There’s this lovely hill on the way out of Barmouth.  Well Nick thinks it’s great – I always think that I’m going to die before I get to the top of it!  Once again, thankfully, I managed it and that was the majority of the uphill done for the walk.

I’ll pass you over to Nick’s blog and photos (this is the cheating bit) and will butt in again at the end.

Read the real blog about the walk

I do have a photo to add.

Photo of river

We’d stopped to have a look down from a bridge at this river.  I got my camera out and then the heavens opened!  Water-proofs on and cameras away.  This was the last photo of the day.

I can also add that we crossed the path of a couple who were walking the Cambrian Way.  They’d started Saturday morning’s leg from a B&B in Barmouth and were making their way to Cwm Bychan where they were going to camp on Saturday night.  The rain that caught us towards the end of our walk would’ve reached them when they were up on the tops somewhere.  Rather them than me.

I promise to write my own blog next time and not pinch someone else’s… honest!

Whilst you’re over on check out Nick’s “postcards” from his holidays and have a look at the samples of his books that he’s posted there.

Thanks for reading

For accommodation near to this walk check out  This website also contains a huge range of other things to do in the area.


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