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Doggy To Doggy Tips For A Stay In Snowdonia

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Hi there Furiends (and your Mummies and Daddies),

Aunty Sue at Cadair View Lodge has asked me to pass on some tips to doggies coming to stay in Snowdonia.  For those of you who don’t know me I live with my Daddy at Cadair View Lodge and my job (other than keeping Daddy in line) is to welcome doggies who come to stay in the log cabins.

Photo of springer spaniel
This is me, Whiskey. I live at Cadair View Lodge.

These Are My Top Tips

Remember to pack a ball

Remember to pack a spare ball

Remember to pack a spare, spare ball!

Pack a towel or two.  There are some great beaches to run around on in Snowdonia and you want to be able to enjoy them and have a swim.  There’s also some great puddles (and streams) in the forests.  Lots of opportunities to get wet paws

Bring your lead.  I know that it’s not nice being on a lead all of the time but we need to be kept close to our Mummies and Daddies especially around the sheep.

Find out which pubs, restaurants and cafes you will be able to take your Mummy and Daddy to.  Some very kind places will even give you a sausage under the table if you are good.

Check out the area to see which other places are friendly to visiting doggies.  I know some shops that I can go into and some visitor attractions.  It’s not fair (or safe) if you’re left in the car all of the time.

Get your Mummy and Daddy to find out where the local vet is in case of an emergency.  When it was hot at Easter I heard of a couple of dogs in North Wales being bitten by snakes… ugh!  And they had to see a vet very quickly (they all got better)

Bring your favourite dinner with you.  You might not be able to find it here.

Don’t be frightened by the aeroplanes.  Sometimes they fly very low and make lots of noise.  The steam trains make lots of noise too.  It’s OK they’re all very safe really.

If you’re a town doggies you’ll love Snowdonia!  Lots of new things to sniff and lots of great places to run around… you can go on the beach all year round too.  There’s lots to keep your Mummy and Daddy (and other family members) occupied so you’ll all have a happy holiday.

If you want to see where I live (and where you can stay) and find links to doggy friendly places near to me have a look on my webpage  You’ll also find me on Facebook (and lots of photos) and Twitter.

Would love to see you in Snowdonia soon

* Big Licks *

Whiskey Hall   aka SnowdoniaDog

See the Cadair View Lodge website for details of log cabin breaks in Snowdonia National Park.  Late availability offers posted on a regular basis.


Author: Property Manager

Director at Cadair View Lodge Ltd - self catering log cabins in the Snowdonia National Park

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