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A Note From Santa’s Elves To Mummies + Daddies


Snowy scene of Rhinogs and Cadair View Lodge log cabins

Christmas at Cadair View Lodge 2010

It has come to our attention that some Mummies and Daddies are concerned about bringing their children to stay at Cadair View Lodge over Christmas.  The main source of concern seems to be the lack of chimneys in the log cabins but some children are also concerned that if they’re not at home on Christmas Eve then they won’t be found.

Well I can assure you that we’ve never missed at child staying at Cadair View Lodge over the last 9 Christmas’.  At the North Pole we have a special child tracking system and provided that each child is clean (forest type smells confuse the System) and wearing recognisable pyjamas then we’ll have no problems matching the right sack to the right child.

As for the chimney thing, the very helpful management team at Cadair View Lodge can provide a magic key for Santa to use to get into the cabins.  Parents bringing small children who may have concerns over the lack of  chimney are asked to reserve a key when booking

One other small point… when he’s travelling through Wales, Santa prefers to be known as Siôn Corn (pronounced Shaun Corn).

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda a chi!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You!

If you’d like to stay at Cadair View Lodge over Christmas we have a minimum stay policy of 3 nights.  Shorter stays are allowed between Christmas and New Year.  See our website or call us on 01978 759603.


Author: Property Manager

Director at Cadair View Lodge Ltd - self catering log cabins in the Snowdonia National Park

6 thoughts on “A Note From Santa’s Elves To Mummies + Daddies

  1. That’s great news …. glad that you’re helping Santa out 🙂


    • We realised very early on that some children have “lack of chimney” issues and questions were asked. The North Pole’s Help Desk were very helpful and suggested magic keys and also told us about the child tracking system that they run. Since then we’ve had our own Elf Liason Officer to make sure that everything runs smoothly… great service that they run up there!
      No – you don’t have to be mad to work here… but it helps!


  2. Brilliant!


  3. That is absolutely FANTASTIC !!! Will really help the littlies out to know Santa can still find them xx


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