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Birthday Meal at Indiana Cuisine, Fairbourne

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As some of you may know it was my birthday last Friday.  Yes, I know that I don’t look 21 but I’m sure that was the birthday that I was celebrating 😉

It was suggested that I might like to go to Raj + Noorie’s restaurant, Indiana Cuisine, in Fairbourne.  It’s within the Cadair View Lodge 30 Minute Ring.  No complaints from me there.

As always we were met at the door by Raj, our local Bollywood star (read this story) and taken to our table.  It is not unusual to be greeted by Raj + Noorie’s small son, Aazaan, too.  He has all of his father’s charisma and I’m sure that he’ll be a huge hit with the local girls as he grows up.    After we’d settled Raj came over to ask whether there was anything special that I’d like.  I told him that I was starving and would be happy to eat anything.  Then, like some sort of magician, he “produced” my youngest daughter who I expected to be at Uni in Cheltenham… what a great surprise!  He’d had her hidden at the back of the restaurant waiting for us to arrive and I’d been positioned so that I wouldn’t see her approaching the table.

As always, the food was brilliant.  If you like Indian food you must visit Indiana Cuisine.  We had a vegetarian and a meat samosa platter to start with pickles and poppadoms.  For main most of us chose Lemon Chicken with Jeni choosing an extra hot JP.  A JP curry isn’t on the menu and so I can’t tell you the details of it but it seems very popular with our friends and you can choose the strength.  Something that they do at Indiana Cuisine that I’ve never experienced anywhere else is that during your starters they bring out a sample of the sauce from your main course so that you can ask for “adjustments” if necessary – a lovely bit of customer care.

We all enjoyed our meals very much and as always a couple of little extras arrived from the kitchen.  A sample of a Thai dish that they’re working on and some mint naan which was sticky sweet with a hint of mint to it… delicious!

At the end of the meal another surprise.  My eldest daughter is a talented cake decorator and my cake had been sneaked into the restaurant before my arrival too.  And what was it…?  A walking boot – what do you think?  The restaurant had served it on a platter of fruit.

Photo of a Walking Boot Birthday Cake

My Birthday Cake

It was a lovely evening and everything was perfect… as it always is there.

If you time your trains right it is possible to get the train there and back from Barmouth or further along the coast.  Fairbourne Station is no more than 2 minutes walk from Indiana Cuisine meaning that you can also have a drink with your meal.


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Director at Cadair View Lodge Ltd - self catering log cabins in the Snowdonia National Park

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