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People before profit!


I’ve been planning to write a blog for ages now about how we love to hear our guests’ stories and how we put our guests’ needs before taking money from them.  It’s been put off because we HAVE been taking time to talk to guests (and potential guests) about what they want from their stay and the reasons that they are coming to Snowdonia – all in order to make sure that they get the right accommodation for their stay.

Today I received an email from a lady to whom I spoke last August and followed up with an email.  When you read what she said you will see why this prompted me to finally put finger to keyboard.

“Apologies for not writing earlier but I wanted to thank you again for the time you took in replying to my questions about the wartime camp that Dad remembered at Trawsfynydd.  I was so glad that I had your email and links to pictures that I sat and went through them with Dad straight away.  He was so pleased to go through those memories.  A few days later he had a fall and sadly passed away a week later.  We postponed our visit to Wales which had prompted this original email story, when we re book for spring we will come and think of Dad and remember the memories about the area that he shared with us.”

I am truly proud (and thankful) that even with the crazy hours that we work in August that I DID find the time to send this lady the information she needed so that she could share it with her Dad and there was time for him to share his memories with her.

We don’t have an online booking system.  We read every email that is sent to us and listen to every phone call that we receive and give potential guests an honest opinion on whether our accommodation is suitable / in the right location for their visit to Snowdonia (we are not really the right place to stay if somebody is coming for a one night stay to walk up Snowdon for example).  And we also help guests to work out which of the properties that we manage would work best for them.

If you would like our help with planning your visit to Snowdonia either drop us an email at Cadair View Lodge’s office or call us on 01978 759603.  We are available at most “reasonable” hours (think about what times of the day you’d like to be contacted about work issues).

There is also a huge amount of information about our accommodation and things to do in Southern Snowdonia on our website


Author: Property Manager

Director at Cadair View Lodge Ltd - self catering log cabins in the Snowdonia National Park

2 thoughts on “People before profit!

  1. And I’ve just spent half an hour on the phone talking with a gentleman and his wife about our accommodation and their stay with us. He’s registered blind and so has some specific needs for his accommodation. But we also had a chat about places they could go and pubs who’d welcome their dog (not an assistance dog).
    But that’s what we do 🙂


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