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People Before Profit Part 2

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Map Showing Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park

This is the extent of the Snowdonia National Park. Many people get mixed up between Snowdon (which is a mountain) and Snowdonia (which is the National Park). Always amuses me when enquirers say that they’re coming for the weekend to climb Snowdonia… my brain always says “What? All of it?” though of course I just nod sagely and keep my mouth shut.

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from a lady who told me that she wanted to book a one night stay to do a charity walk up Snowdonia (translate to Snowdon).  She was coming from Wrexham (between Chester and Llangollen on this map) and wanted to reduce the drive that they’d have to do in the morning.  Well our accommodation is just above Dolgellau on the A470 and about an hour’s drive from Llanberis (where they were beginning their walk) – fabulous drive but no direct route.  The drive from Wrexham to Llanberis is only 90 minutes!

I could’ve played on her ignorance of the area and taken her money – she obviously thought that as we are in Snowdonia that the mountain that she wanted must just be down the road.  But instead I explained patiently (and tactfully) how big the Snowdonia National Park is and that we are in the wrong location for her stay.   I suggested that maybe she look at Llanberis, Betws y Coed or even Bangor instead.  She went away happy.  I put the phone down after (once again) giving my geography lecture but with no booking.  At least I could be certain that I hadn’t taken her money from her under the pretence of being in the location that she wanted.

Customer service and talking to potential guests wins over online booking systems once again.

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