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Once upon a time…

Marketing people keep telling us that story telling is a great way to engage potential guests – so here goes.

Once up on a time… a dog…  Dog with toy

wanted to take his family away on holiday.  He’d heard that although there were lots of places where his family could stay there weren’t so many places where he would be welcomed.  Dogs in the park had told him stories about taking their families away on holiday.  Some had been forced to stay in the car every night as they weren’t allowed to go into the house.  Some said that they’d had to sleep in a shed in the garden.  Others said that their families had gone away on holiday without them and they’d missed out on all of the fun, having to spend their time in the kennels with lots of other homesick doggies.  This dog didn’t want any of this to happen to him.  He wanted a holiday where he could get off his lead, run on the beach with the children, splash in the puddles in the forest, snooze in front of the fire in the evenings and enjoy a sly sausage under the table when they went out to eat.

Being a very technology savvy sort of dog he turned to the internet.Image

After a bit of Google-ing he found a website with a dog on that looked a lot like him.  

Whiskey at Cadair View Lodge told of a Snowdonia, wonderful place full of mountains and beaches where a doggy could have a great time… and so would his family.  She explained about which of the log cabins, families with just one doggy could stay in and there’s also a cottage where families with 2 doggies can stay too.  She told about the enclosed 3.5 acre dog walking area – great for stretching the legs before getting in the car in the morning and about the pub 5 minutes walk away, where dogs can sit quietly under the table in order to catch stray sausages!  There are castles and shops and visitor attractions where doggies can visit with their families too… Whiskey had really done her research!

There seemed to be just a couple of rules…. doggies must not get on the furniture or on the beds – well our doggy wasn’t allowed to do that at home anyway.  And doggies must not be left in the log cabins or in the cottage by themselves – who’d WANT to stay behind when there was so much fun to be had?!  Doggies also had to stay on their leads around the Village – for their own safety as much as anything else.

As a special Thank You for bringing their families doggies staying in the log cabins get their own little welcome pack when they arrive… including a bag of treats!

Dog outside of log cabin

As in all of the best stories there is a happy ending.  The dog’s family booked to stay at Cadair View Lodge and had the break that they all had dreamed of… in fact the dog can regularly be seen dreaming about running on the beach and jumping in the waves!


except it wasn’t… because the doggy brought his family back to Cadair View Lodge again…

and again… Image

and again…

dog in snow


dog in forest

you get the picture!

Hope that you enjoyed the story and we hope to see you and your dog at Cadair View Lodge soon.

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